With the Wirth Foundation, the Wirth family makes a point for their daughter and sister Andrea Wirth, who passed away in 2019. 

On her travels, Andrea saw not only the beautiful but also the dark sides of the world and so it was her personal concern to support and promote especially children and young people.  

Our initial aim was to help young people and give them the chance of an education and thus a self-determined future. Meanwhile, we have expanded the purpose of our foundation, which enables us to support also projects in areas such as care/medicine, honorary work, nature conservation, environmental protection and animal welfare.

In the context of development aid we want to support the socio-economic development and improvement of the general living conditions.

In particular, we promote " Help for self-help" and also support emergency aid in crisis situations.

Both in our home region of Upper Franconia, as well as nationally and internationally we contribute to making the world a better place with a promising future not only for children and young people.