foundation purpose
  1. The support of children and juveniles in need of assistance
  2. The promotion of youth care
  3. The promotion of education and upbringing
  4. The promotion of development cooperation
  5. Foster medical care by promoting public health and public health care, in particular the prevention and control of communicable diseases, including through hospitals, within the meaning of ยง 67 AO, and of animal diseases;
  6. Promotion of art and culture;
  7. Promotion of nature conservation, environmental protection and animal welfare;
  8. Promotion of projects and facilities for the care of children, the elderly, the sick and the disabled;
  9. Donations to women's shelters;
  10. Promotion of honorary work in the areas of fire, occupational safety, disaster and civil protection as well as accident prevention;
  11. Promotion of education, adult education and vocational training, including student aid;
  12. Promotion of development cooperation and international emergency aid measures.