denkbar school breakfast by BLLV-Kinderhilfe
in cooperation with the BayWa Foundation's ADVENT CALENDAR OF GOOD DEEDS

Energy for the day: school breakfast “denkbar” at Bavarian schools

For education with equal opportunities: With the help of volunteers, the "denkbar" breakfast project ensures that socially disadvantaged children can start the school day well-fuelled, focused and productive.

A good start to the day

A child not only needs food in the morning, but also attention and time. The fact is, however, that one in five children in Bavaria starts their school day without breakfast. Parents don't attend or lack the financial means. The result: concentration quickly wanes, learning success suffers and so do educational opportunities.

Being able to concentrate on the essentials

With the "denkbar" school breakfast, the BLLV-Kinderhilfe project helps to ensure that no child has to start the school day hungry due to social neglect or poverty. At currently 150 schools in Bavaria, volunteers organise breakfast buffets every morning and are there for the children. The children not only get their fill at breakfast, but also learn to eat a varied and nutritious meal. They also find peace, security and respectful interaction before the start of the day. This gives them a balanced start to the day. 

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Acting together to help others

The donations go directly towards the procurement of the food, as the breakfast guides work on a voluntary basis and the BLLV covers the costs of managing the donations. With a project like this, it is particularly important that it can take place not just on a one-off basis, but over the long term.

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